Son Doong Cave Vietnam Tour: The World's Largest Cave to Explore

Apr 29, 2024

Son Doong Cave, the largest natural cave system in the world, is one of Vietnam’s most astonishing wonders. This underground marvel defies the imagination of adventure seekers with its massive stalactites, pristine rainforests, and an endless underground river. The Son Doong Cave Vietnam tour is an adventurous tour in Vietnam that attracts thrill-seeking travelers from around the world. To learn more about the world’s largest cave Vietnam tour, delve into the information in this travel blog.

son doong cave vietnam tour

Why is it worth taking the Son Doong Cave Vietnam tour?

Discovered in 1990 by a local farmer, Son Doong remained hidden from the world until 2009, when a team of explorers from the British Cave Research Association revealed its extraordinary scale. Stretching over 5 miles in length, with sections towering nearly 650 feet high and spanning up to 300 feet wide, this cave system is so vast that it could comfortably accommodate a pair of Boeing 747 jets flying side by side.

Since 2013, the Son Doong Cave Vietnam tour has emerged as a premier destination for thrill-seekers and adventurers. Acclaimed by National Geographic as the best adventure tour in 2014, it was also ranked among the top 5 adventure trips worldwide by British TV in 2019. Moreover, the cave’s campsite was voted the coolest in the world by the British Daily Mail in 2017, further cementing its status as a premier destination for intrepid explorers.

son doong cave vietnam tour Son Doong Cave check in

These are some of the Son Doong Cave Vietnam tour’s highlights:

  • Exclusive exploration: Oxalis Adventure holds the exclusive rights to conduct tours into the Son Doong cave, ensuring a unique and meticulously curated experience for adventurers.
  • World’s biggest cave: The cave is so large that it has its own internal weather system, complete with clouds, mist, and temperatures that differ from those outside.
  • The cave’s forest: Deep within the cave’s confines lies an ancient forest, offering a rare window into nature’s primordial landscapes.
  • En Cave: A breathtaking subterranean marvel that served as a backdrop for the enchanting Peter Pan movie.
  • Gorgeous campsite: The expertly designed campsites within the cave allow natural light to filter in, creating a mesmerizing display of sunbeams that dance across the cavernous walls on sunny days.
  • Skilled Guides: Each tour is accompanied by a dedicated team of professionals, including safety experts, guides, assistants, cooks, porters, and national park rangers, ensuring a safe and enjoyable adventure.

The Son Doong Cave Vietnam tour price

The largest cave in Vietnam tour grants a mere 1,000 adventurers annually the privilege of exploring the world’s largest known cave system. A substantial investment of $3,000 per person ensures a meticulously planned and intimate experience. Tour organizers handle every detail seamlessly, from transportation and accommodations to gourmet meals, safety gear, and travel insurance, ensuring an unforgettable and prioritized safety experience within this extraordinary subterranean marvel.

Difficulty level of the world’s largest cave Vietnam tour

The operator of the Son Doong Cave Vietnam tour, Oxalis Adventure, has developed an adventure-level chart to help participants choose a suitable Son Doong Cave tour based on their fitness and health. There are six adventure levels for the world’s largest cave Vietnam tour. Level 1 is the easiest, suitable for everyone, while Level 6 is the most difficult, intended for those who regularly engage in sports or frequently participate in hiking and trekking tours through forests, making the most comfortable for the Son Doong Cave Vietnam tour.

son doong cave vietnam tour Son Doong Cave

Detailed itinerary for Son Doong Cave Vietnam tour

Day 1: Phong Nha – safe popularity level

You need to be in Dong Hoi by 15:00 at the latest on the first day of the tour. Oxalis staff will pick you up at the Dong Hoi train station/airport and take you to the hotel. Around 17:30 – 18:00, you will meet the safety expert, tour guide, and other group members at the Oxalis Phong Nha office for a safety briefing and to receive equipment for the journey. The Oxalis expert will check the quality of your shoes and the size of your backpack to ensure they are suitable for the trip. After dinner, the group will return to the hotel to rest and prepare for the trekking day ahead.

Day 2: Doong Village – Hang En Cave

The expedition begins with a steep 350-meter descent into the national park, followed by a 30-minute forest hike to Ban Doong Village. After lunch, a 3-hour trek leads to Hang En Cave for camping, offering stunning views en route. Inside, personalized tents await alongside a swimming lake. Dinner prepares you for exploring the magnificent Son Doong Cave the next day.

son doong cave vietnam tour Hang En Cave

Day 3: Son Doong Cave Entrance – Campsite Ho Sut 1

The day begins with further exploration of Hang En Cave, where you’ll witness the remarkable exit point featured in Peter Pan movie. Next, you’ll traverse a river and ascend a steep incline, leading you to the awe-inspiring entrance of the Son Doong Cave. After a lunch at the cave’s entrance, you’ll be outfitted with specialized gear and receive a comprehensive safety briefing.

As you navigate the descending slopes and cross additional rivers within the cave, the towering “Hand of Dog” stalagmite will come into view. Around 4 pm, you’ll arrive at the first campsite within Son Doong, named “Level Playing Fields,” conveniently situated just before Campsite Ho Sut 1. This campsite offers essential amenities, including bathrooms and changing areas, ensuring your comfort throughout the adventure.

son doong cave vietnam tour Campsite Ho Sut 1 Son Doong Cave

Day 4: Garden Of Eden – Campsite No. 2

As you navigate through Son Doong, you’ll encounter challenging climbs, narrow cave passages, and rope sections leading to the area known as “Watch out for Dinosaurs” or Doline 1. Descending from this point, you’ll reach the “Green Gours” on the opposite side, a stunning location, especially when it’s sunny and the light streams in. After lunch here, you’ll follow calcite pathways to the “Garden of Edam” at Doline 2, a picturesque area with views of a lush forest. A slippery descent then leads to the campsite, where you can relax, take photographs, and soak in the scenery.

Day 5: Vietnamese Wall – Cave Exit – Chay Lap Farmstay

Following breakfast, you’ll put on safety gear and receive a brief safety instruction. This preparation equips you to tackle the Great Wall of Vietnam, renowned as one of the most thrilling and demanding cave adventures in Son Doong. After enjoying lunch atop the Wall, you’ll exit the cave, navigate a final rocky section, and then hike through the forest to reconnect with the Ho Chi Minh Trail. This marks the conclusion of the Son Doong Cave tour, and you can celebrate with cold beer or soft drinks. Around 3 pm, your guide will transport you back to Chay Lap Farmstay.

son doong cave vietnam tour world's largest cave

Day 6: Chay Lap Farmstay – Dong Hoi

Depending on your schedule, you can either arrange for pickup after breakfast or choose to stay a bit longer to explore more of what Phong Nha has to offer before leaving. This area is home to many popular attractions, such as Phong Nha Cave, Chay Lap Water Sport Center, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Blue Diamond Camp, and Paradise Cave.

What should you prepare for your Son Doong Cave Vietnam tour?

To have an enjoyable Son Doong Cave Vietnam tour, it’s advised to bring essential items for the trip. Given the diverse terrain, you’ll need quick-drying, long-sleeved T-shirts, trekking pants, waterproof jackets, and sturdy shoes with appropriate socks. You should also pack accessories like mosquito repellent, sunglasses, and sunscreen, along with personal essentials like towels, hygiene products, power banks, and any necessary medications.

Special note for the largest cave in Vietnam tour

Ensure you are physically prepared for these activities with relative ease:

  • Trekking through 50 km of jungle and mountains
  • Elevation changes of up to 400m (between roads and valleys)
  • River crossings up to 40 times, with water depths at knee level, over spans of 10 to 50 meters
  • 10 km of caving with rope climbs, rocky terrain, and scrambling
  • An 80m descent using ropes and harnesses
  • Strong current crossing in an underground river
  • 5 days and 4 nights spent in caves


  • Regular experience in running, trekking, caving, or rock climbing (at least once per month). Other outdoor activities might also be considered.
  • Strong legs and a good sense of balance
  • Experience with multi-day treks
  • General good health and fitness


  • Operational from February to August (closed from September to January)
  • Duration: 6 days and 5 nights (plus one night before and after the expedition)
  • Difficulty level: Difficult, designed for physically active participants who can handle over 50 km of trekking
  • Weekly departures are available with a maximum of 10 guests per tour
  • The minimum age for participants is 18 years

Son Doong Cave Vietnam tour promises to deliver the most amazing experience to all visitors. Exploring the world’s largest cave, with its unique ecosystem and wonders, is sure to leave an unforgettable impression on anyone who takes part in the adventure tour.

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