8 Exciting Highlights of Ho Chi Minh City Mekong Delta Tour

Feb 24, 2024

Regarding Southern Vietnam, the Ho Chi Minh City Mekong Delta tour is one of the most attractive itineraries for all tourists. This adventure promises to take you to the tranquil waterways of the Mekong Delta, where vibrant cultures, lush landscapes, and rich traditions await. In this article, let’s find out the interesting things you will experience in the Mekong Delta!

Ho Chi Minh City Mekong Delta Tour

Overview of Ho Chi Minh City Mekong Delta Tour

The Mekong Delta, often referred to as the “Rice Bowl” of Vietnam, is a vast and fertile region situated in the southern part of the country. It is formed by the intricate network of rivers, canals, and tributaries that flow from the Mekong River, creating a unique and vibrant ecosystem. Known for its lush landscapes, rich biodiversity, and vibrant cultural heritage, the Mekong Delta is a captivating destination that offers visitors a glimpse into rural life in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh City Mekong Delta tour is a captivating journey that focuses exclusively on exploring the beauty and charm of the Mekong Delta region. Departing from Ho Chi Minh City, the tour takes travelers on an immersive adventure through the heart of the delta, where they’ll discover quaint villages, bustling markets, and breathtaking natural scenery. Throughout the tour, knowledgeable guides will provide insights into the history, culture, and ecology of the Mekong Delta Saigon, ensuring that travelers gain a deeper understanding of this fascinating region.

How to get from Ho Chi Minh City to Mekong Delta?

Getting to the Mekong River trip from Ho Chi Minh City is easy and convenient, with various transportation options available.

By boat

Traveling by boat from Ho Chi Minh City to Mekong Delta is one of the most popular options chosen by travelers, including river cruises, overnight cruises, speedboats, or local boats.

If you have ample time for your Mekong Delta tour from Saigon, opting for package tours from reputable travel companies will include traveling by boat services. For travelers opting for a day trip to explore Mekong Delta Saigon, a local boat is the most suitable option. The locals are very friendly and will guide all travelers onto the boat to experience life in the Mekong Delta. Remember to inquire about the price before renting the boat to avoid paying a significantly higher amount than the average price.

Ho Chi Minh City Mekong Delta Tour by boat

By bus

Taking the bus on the Ho Chi Minh City Mekong Delta tour is considered the most cost-effective option. The travel time to the Mekong Delta by bus is about 3 hours, including 2 popular classes of buses: Sleeper Bus and Express Bus. Bus tickets are sold directly at the station or can be purchased online on the company’s website.

The bus fares will range from 60,000 VND to 200,000 VND per person depending on the seat location and the type of bus chosen by travelers. To take the bus to the Mekong Delta Saigon, travelers can go to the bus station or choose pick-up and drop-off services.

By private car

Traveling by private car from Ho Chi Minh City to Mekong Delta is a comfortable and convenient way to travel. The price of the car depends on the type of vehicle, the number of seats, and the pick-up and drop-off locations. Private cars can be requested when booking hotel rooms or booking a Ho Chi Minh City Mekong Delta tour with travel companies. Depending on your schedule, tour companies may be flexible in arranging private cars.

What to expect in Ho Chi Minh City Mekong Delta Tour?

Relax on the Mekong Delta Saigon boat trip

Traveling by motor boat or cruise to the Mekong Delta is the choice of most tourists. The tour begins with a serene boat trip along the Mekong Delta’s winding waterways. Enjoying the beauty on both sides of the Mekong River with the bustling traffic of boats and the lively atmosphere of floating markets will help tourists have the most exciting start.

Rowing sampan through small canals

Experience the charm of rural Vietnam as you navigate the delta’s intricate network of small canals aboard a traditional sampan. Led by skilled local rowers, you’ll journey through narrow waterways lined with coconut palms and bamboo groves, immersing yourself in the timeless beauty of the countryside. Along the way, you’ll pass by quaint villages and verdant rice paddies, gaining insight into the daily lives of the delta’s inhabitants.

Ho Chi Minh City Mekong Delta Tour Rowing sampan Mekong Delta

Explore floating markets

One of the highlights of the tour is a visit to the region’s vibrant floating markets from Ho Chi Minh City, where local traders gather to sell their goods from colorful boats. Here, you’ll witness a bustling spectacle of activity as boats laden with fresh produce, handicrafts, and culinary delights jostle for space on the water. Engage with friendly vendors, haggle for bargains, and sample exotic fruits and delicacies as you immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and smells of the market.

Ho Chi Minh City Mekong Delta Tour mekong delta floating markets

Cycle or walk around the island to visit small villages

Embark on an immersive cycling or walking tour of the delta’s idyllic islands, where charming villages and hidden gems await. Follow narrow paths lined with coconut palms and fruit orchards as you explore the tranquil countryside, interacting with welcoming locals along the way. Visit traditional handicraft workshops, learn about age-old customs and traditions, and gain a deeper understanding of rural life in Vietnam.

Enjoy local meals, fruits, coconut candy, and honey tea

Indulge your taste buds with an array of delicious local cuisine, including fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and mouthwatering coconut candy. Sample fragrant honey tea, a beloved beverage in southern Vietnam, and learn about the region’s culinary traditions from knowledgeable guides. Every dish you taste is prepared from locally sourced ingredients and carries the authentic flavors of Mekong Delta Saigon cuisine.

Ho Chi Minh City Mekong Delta Tour flavors of Mekong Delta

Discover some local workshops

Gain hands-on experience at local workshops, where skilled artisans demonstrate traditional crafts such as weaving, boat building, and coconut candy making. Learn about the techniques and materials used in these age-old crafts, and try your hand at creating your own unique souvenirs.

Visit Vinh Trang Pagoda

One of the cultural highlights of the Ho Chi Minh City Mekong Delta tour is a visit to the historic Vinh Trang Pagoda. The temple is a harmonious blend of Vietnamese, Khmer, and Chinese architectural styles. Visitors will be amazed by the ornate decorations, intricate carvings, and elegant statues that adorn the temple.

Explore the temple grounds, adorned with intricate carvings and serene statues, and learn about its rich history from knowledgeable guides. Take a moment to soak in the peaceful ambiance and spiritual significance of this cultural gem, making it a memorable stop on your Mekong Delta journey.

Ho Chi Minh City Mekong Delta Tour Vinh Trang Pagoda

Enjoy Southern Vietnam traditional music – Đờn ca tài tử

Experience the soulful melodies and rhythmic beats of Đờn Ca Tài Tử, a traditional music genre indigenous to southern Vietnam is an amazing part of the Ho Chi Minh City Mekong Delta tour. Listen as talented musicians play traditional instruments such as the đàn tranh (16-string zither), đàn nguyệt (two-stringed moon lute), and đàn bầu (monochord), creating enchanting harmonies that evoke the spirit of the Mekong Delta.

Ho Chi Minh City Mekong Delta Tour Đờn ca tài tử


What is the best way to take a Mekong River trip from Ho Chi Minh?

The Mekong Delta is expansive, so before planning your journey, it’s crucial to decide on your destination within the region. There are daily buses available to popular destinations like Can Tho, Cai Be, Ben Tre, My Tho, and Chau Doc, among others. However, many travelers opt for a Ho Chi Minh City Mekong Delta tour. This way, you not only avoid the hassle of arranging transport to the delta but also between various attractions.

Is the Mekong Delta worth a visit?

Absolutely! The Mekong Delta is a treasure trove of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and culinary delights. The delta certainly offers a unique and unforgettable experience for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the authentic rhythms of Vietnamese life.

How many days do I need to spend in the Mekong Delta?

While it’s possible to explore some of the highlights in a day trip from Ho Chi Minh City, spending two to three days allows for a more in-depth exploration of the region’s diverse attractions and cultural offerings.

What is the best time for a Mekong River trip from Ho Chi Minh City?

The best time to visit the Mekong Delta is during the dry season, which runs from December to May, because of seasonal flooding.

How long does it take to get from Ho Chi Minh City to Mekong Delta?

The travel time from Ho Chi Minh City to Mekong Delta is one to four hours. The travel time will primarily rely on the kind of transportation you select, and the distance is around 200 km.

Ho Chi Minh City Mekong Delta tour is a trip you definitely can’t miss when visiting southern Vietnam. And to ensure you have the perfect journey, choosing a reputable travel company is a top solution. Asia Encounter confidently guarantees to meet all your requirements, offering a unique and remarkable exploration of the Mekong Delta while ensuring completeness. Asia Encounter ensures that every aspect of your journey is taken care of, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the wonders of the Mekong Delta with ease and peace of mind.


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